Launched new public website

Hi Friends, We have launched new website and started migration of data from this site. This new site is also being updated with new posts and latest technology news. Why do you not visit and provide your valuable feedback. Also, please don't forget to subscribe yourself in and to get updated. We apologize for [...]

Microsoft Azure Active Directory – KeyNotes

I was performing hands-on on Azure Active Directory Services and decided to share few key points among all of us. Just by reading below mentioned points we can get an idea about Azure AD and its capabilities. 1. To access Azure Active Directory, we need to signup Office 365. Then we can find Active Directory [...]

Optimize performance for SharePoint Server 2013

Optimizing Performance There are many technologies and techniques available to optimize SharePoint Server 2013 performance. In a given environment, some or all of these techniques may apply. Using BranchCache to optimize WAN performance BranchCache is a feature of the Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems that caches content [...]

Capacity planning and load testing SharePoint Online

Performance testing and load testing! Yes, we know this is very important in case of web applications because we can only expect the traffic while going live for end users. We actually don't know real picture of load on the web application. Based on our experience and expected target users, we plan the architecture of [...]

SharePoint : Remote Event Receivers

In this first article on “Remote Event Receivers”, we will understand the concept of “Remote Events” & “Remote Event Handlers” which was a newly introduced concept in SharePoint 2013 & available in SharePoint 2016 also in SharePoint Online as well. What are Remote Events & Remote Event Receivers? Remote Events are meant to be considered in [...]