About Me

I am a person with belief that sky is limit for a hard working and dedicated individual and that’s why I devoted myself to field of Software Development and now we both are growing with each other. Every year for me turned out to be best year and I received enormous support and love from my companies and my clients from around the world. Now with vast knowledge of software development and its outsourcing process, I decided to move myself into knowledge sharing and idea of this blog just emerged in my mind.

Working for multiple companies and dealing almost every type of clients gave me idea of handling them with best possible manner, which always earned me 5 out of 5 from my clients. Company loves you when your clients were blood sucking monsters on sale process and when you started dealing with them they became best friend of your organization. So keep a fact in your mind about the comfort level of your clients and this will make you king/queen of your area.

Welcome to my blog world.

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