AngularJS-API and Includes

AngularJS API API is a short form of Application Programming Interface. AngularJS provides a set of APIs to use in AngularJS application. These APIs are called as Global API. We can access these APIs using angular object. Most commonly used Global API functions are listed below: lowercase() It converts string to lowercase uppercase() It converts [...]

AngularJS – Events

As same as JavaScript, AngularJS has its own HTML events directives. We can add one or more AngularJS Event listeners to HTML element using directives. Below is a list of AngulaJS event listener directives. ng-blur ng-change ng-click ng-copy ng-cut ng-dblclick ng-focus ng-keydown ng-keypress ng-keyup ng-mousedown ng-mouseenter ng-mouseleave ng-mousemove ng-mouseover ng-mouseup ng-paste   These event directives [...]

AngularJS – SQL

Sometimes, we need to display information on the web page dynamically. There may be the cases when data is being collected on regular or irregular intervals. In those situations, data is fetched from third party locations in form of interoperable notations using exposed services. Now the question is “Does AngularJS support this feature and can [...]

AngularJS – Tables

Sometimes a concept can be explained such a very complex way that listeners shall think it seems to very tough and may require more attention and study. But it is not correct! Everything can be explained and understand in easy way, which creates an image in listener’s mind that is not complex enough. Eventually, it [...]

AngularJS – Select

This is HTML select control manipulated by AngularJS. We know that <select> tag has syntax mentioned below: <select> <option value=”Value of Item”>Text of the Item</option> </select> We use two AngularJS directives ng-options and ng-repeat to manage <select> tag. Let’s understand it using few examples: ng-options This directive fills the options to select HTML control. Output [...]