Count total number of objects in SQL Server database

Dear Friends, Below query will help you find the list of object counts in the database: SELECT type, total_count = COUNT(*), last_crdate = MAX(crdate), last_refdate = MAX(refdate) FROM ( SELECT type = CASE WHEN xtype = 'U' THEN 'table' WHEN xtype = 'V' THEN 'view' WHEN xtype = 'P' THEN 'proc' WHEN xtype IN ('FN', [...]

Plan Disaster Recovery In SharePoint

Sometimes, it is very important to have a Disaster Recovery environment. So that in case if primary farm is down, we can up the secondary or Disaster Recovery environment for the time we are working on primary environment to up and running. This is also very useful if we configure replication between primary and secondary [...]

High Availability Solutions in SQL Server

Introduction This document introduces several SQL Server high-availability solutions that improve the availability of servers or databases. A high-availability solution masks the effects of a hardware or software failure and maintains the availability of applications so that the perceived downtime for users is minimized. Available Options SQL Server provides several options for creating high availability for [...]