SharePoint : Remote Event Receivers

In this first article on “Remote Event Receivers”, we will understand the concept of “Remote Events” & “Remote Event Handlers” which was a newly introduced concept in SharePoint 2013 & available in SharePoint 2016 also in SharePoint Online as well. What are Remote Events & Remote Event Receivers? Remote Events are meant to be considered in [...]

TCP/IP Ports of SharePoint 2013

List of ports used by SharePoint 2013 and its related services. Note: Open ports 32843, 32844, 808 between web and application servers. Reference links at the end. Protocol Port Usage Comment TCP 80 http Client to SharePoint web server traffic (SharePoint – Office Web Apps communication) TCP 443 https/ssl Encrypted client to SharePoint web server [...]


Following function will help to show latest SharePoint WSP deployment date private void PrintLastOperationDateTime() { SPSolutionCollection solutions = SPFarm.Local.Solutions; List<SPSolution> filterredSolutions = new List<SPSolution>(); foreach (SPSolution solution in SPFarm.Local.Solutions) { if (solution.LastOperationResult == SPSolutionOperationResult.DeploymentSucceeded) { filterredSolutions.Add(solution); } } if (filterredSolutions.Count > 0) { var lastOperationEndTime = filterredSolutions.Max(s => s.LastOperationEndTime); Response.Write(string.Format("Last updated on {0}", lastOperationEndTime.ToString("dd MMM [...]

SharePoint Add-Ins (formerly called as SharePoint Apps)

REFERENCES Labs: Training: Login: SharePoint Online Planning: NOTES Auto Hosted Apps have not being allowed since 30 Jun 2014 SHAREPOINT HOSTED APPS Start the Subscription Settings and App Management services in Central Administration To configure the Subscription Settings service application by using Windows PowerShell $account = Get-SPManagedAccount "domain\userid" [...]

Tenant Provisioning and Management

To create a tenant, follow the steps in the table. 1. Create a site subscription. $sub = New-SPSiteSubscription Set-SPSiteSubscriptionConfig -id $sub -FeaturePack $customerFeatures -UserAccountDirectoryPath "OU=$customerName,OU=Customers,DC=contoso,DC=com" 2. Assign a feature pack to the site subscription and configure custom OU by using People Picker. Write-Host "Creating Member Site..." New-SPSite -url "http://$" -SiteSubscription $sub -HostHeaderWebApplication $webApp -owneralias $customerTenantAdmin [...]